Burn Baby Burn (Monthly Project Review )


This project was inspired by three things:

  1. This awesome round frame I picked up at Goodwill
  2. A new pad of watercolor paper I recently picked up for the girls’ art lessons
  3. My favorite yoga-instructor-turned-rock-star

Bow down to the past
get ready
let it all burn
and let it go

Bow down to your dance
get ready
let it all burn
and let it go

Bow down to the ground
light it up, light it up
let it burn through you
and let it go
let it go

(“Fire Ceremony”, Salt and Bone)

Those lyrics have  just been begging to have a place on my wall but the right situation hasn’t come about til now. So I practiced watercolor layering and topped it off with a reminder to keep the things that help me get to the person I want to be and burn away the things that don’t.


What Do You See? (Project Post)


I recently exposed my two children to the movie Cool Runnings. As with almost every other movie from my childhood, I’d forgotten about some of the swearing in it. The scene that I remembered, though (swearing included), was an important one to my childhood and I hoped it would be for my kids too.

Possibly-terrible-parent confession: my children have been quoting this scene relentlessly since the first (and second, and third) time(s) we watched it.

We all need a Junior Bevel in our lives reminding us to believe better about ourselves and then live up to it. So I put this favorite phrase on a mirror. Because what you see is important.

{Fun-fact: the white words glow in the dark.}

Pop Up Posts

Pop up post: Leia Isn’t Dead

2016 seems bent on dismantling the building blocks of my childhood one by one. Many icons have fallen this year. And I’ve mourned each of them in some fashion. 

But Carrie Fisher.

Her death has hit me in a big way and I’ve been struggling most of the afternoon to make sense of why. It’s not like I knew her. She wasn’t my aunt or best friend’s mom or babysitter. But I feel her loss keenly, like something really has been ripped out of my life. 

I think I’ve figured it out. 

For many years, I struggled with the idea that I was somehow the “wrong” kind of woman. Too brash. Too opinionated. Too sarcastic. Too intense. Too little interested in living up to society’s current standards of attractiveness and femininity. Maybe even too smart. Finding and embracing my identity as a woman was something I intensely and truly had to work through. 

Today I remembered how princess Leia was the first female character I ever encountered who made me feel all of this (*motions to whole self*) could be an ok thing to be. And maybe not just ok but maybe someone who did things that mattered and stood up against powerful people when others were too scared to say “this is not ok and we won’t just accept that this is the world we live in”. Who rebelled with a cause. 

That was huge for me. I need that in my life. 

I don’t believe in angelicizing the dead. Carrie Fisher had her own problems, and she was not princess Leia. But in that is strength and example too. There are all kinds of battles to be fought, and not all are external. 

Fight on, fighters. 

December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post:Planning Ahead

{December Daily Blog Challenge #23: Christmas Plans}

As discussed in the previous post, traveling isn’t really a thing for us at Christmas. So our plans mostly entail staying home, with the exception of attending Christmas eve and Christmas Day church services. 

I’ve said before, I think, that my mom is the biggest kid in the house on Christmas morning. So we will all get up when she just can’t stay in bed anymore, open gifts, read the Christmas story, and have breakfast. The rest of the day is usually spent playing the games we always receive as a family and reading our Christmas books. And eating whatever new meal we decided to try that year. And talking about how full we are.

What are your plans for Christmas? 


December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: On The Road Again

{December Daily Blog Challenge #21: Do You Travel for the Holidays?}

I remember traveling for Christmas exactly once in my childhood. We went to my aunt and uncle’s house about an hour away from my hometown. There was a lot of snow, which made the drive challenging (I may have invented this detail at some later remembrance of the event). I don’t remember why we made this particular trip, as my mom’s second Cardinal Christmas Rule (TM) (the one right after “you have to say you believe in Santa to get presents”) is “No Traveling For Christmas” (though, to be fair, she often afterward cited this trip as one proof text as to why).

Since flying the nest, as it were, I have tended toward the same mindset (spending Christmas at home) with a very small handful of exceptions. For me, Christmas and home are irreparably connected.

Do you travel for the holidays?



December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: A Bit Awkward

{December Daily Blog Challenge #17: Post a Picture of an Old Christmas Card}


Something I may or may not have mentioned (meaning pretty sure I did but I don’t want to comb through all my posts to find a passing comment from one in order to link it) in previous posts is that I don’t like to have stuff just to have. Because of this, I often don’t, which few exceptions, keep things for purely sentimental reasons. This is partly because I’ve moved around a dozen times in the last couple decades and there’s nothing like packing and hauling and (mostly) unpacking boxes to turn you into a minimalist. It is also partly because I used to be a packrat, which taught me that keeping everything limits your access to your stuff so much that you might as well have kept nothing.

All of that to say, I don’t have an old Christmas Card to take and share a picture of. (The old packrat me would have used this opportunity to say, “see, this is why you keep things on hand. In case you ever need to use them again.”)

What kinds of things do you hang on to?

December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: Issues

{December Daily Blog Challenge #16: Hardest Person to Buy For}

In an earlier post, I declared that my dad is the hardest person to buy for, because he doesn’t really want anything.

Christmas shopping this year, I changed my mind. Making my 6th loop around Wal-Mart last weekend, I realized I had no idea what to get my youngest daughter. She likes to do and make things, but doesn’t have the patience to sit and figure multiple or detailed instructions out. She loves stuffed animals, but we are drowning in them and I can’t bring myself to add one more to the horde. I began to have daymares about endlessly shuffling through aisles, picking up and putting down toy options like some kind of mommy-zombie.

I eventually happened upon a more-than-doable option, but I also realized that this is not the first year (or gift giving holiday) where I’ve had such a dilemma with her. It seems to be the way in which she is gifted with difficulty.

I’ve never stopped to consider whether I present others with the same difficulty. I like to think I’m a relatively easy person to buy for, but I really don’t know. #toconsider

Do you have a hard person to buy for? Are you a hard person to buy for?