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Pop-Up Post: Eat Up

{December Daily Blog Challenge #20: Favorite Christmas Meal} Many  Most of our holiday traditions revolve around food. We’re an eating people, as it were. (I don’t know if that’s we as Americans, we as human beings, we as my family, or the empirical we of just myself.) Our family has a special meal (pork and seeds… Continue reading Pop-Up Post: Eat Up

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Pop-Up Post: Memories

{December Daily Blog Challenge, Day #7: Your Most Memorable Christmas} I think this post is about to be a major disappointment, because I can’t really think of a most memorable Christmas. I can, with absolute certainty, state that my least memorable Christmas was the one in 1984. I was 6 months old. I probably chewed on some… Continue reading Pop-Up Post: Memories

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Pop-Up Post: Giving Thanks

Nobody minds having what is too good for them- Jane Austen

Today, like many other days but certainly more so, I reflect on the things in my life that are too good for me:

  • My daughters, who make me constantly pray and try to be as good of a mother as they deserve.
  • My friends and family, who give me love and support beyond what I could ever hope to earn by the merit of my charming personality or ability to reciprocate.
  • Difficulties I’ve been through in the past (and those I will assuredly experience in the future), which teach me how to live and who to be more effectively than any happy moments ever could.
  • And the good times, which make the struggles that much more tolerable.

Here’s to hoping you find many things to be thankful for today.