Burn Baby Burn (Monthly Project Review )


This project was inspired by three things:

  1. This awesome round frame I picked up at Goodwill
  2. A new pad of watercolor paper I recently picked up for the girls’ art lessons
  3. My favorite yoga-instructor-turned-rock-star

Bow down to the past
get ready
let it all burn
and let it go

Bow down to your dance
get ready
let it all burn
and let it go

Bow down to the ground
light it up, light it up
let it burn through you
and let it go
let it go

(“Fire Ceremony”, Salt and Bone)

Those lyrics have ¬†just been begging to have a place on my wall but the right situation hasn’t come about til now. So I practiced watercolor layering and topped it off with a reminder to keep the things that help me get to the person I want to be and burn away the things that don’t.


What Do You See? (Project Post)


I recently exposed my two children to the movie Cool Runnings. As with almost every other movie from my childhood, I’d forgotten about some of the swearing in it. The scene that I remembered, though (swearing included), was an important one to my childhood and I hoped it would be for my kids too.

Possibly-terrible-parent confession: my children have been quoting this scene relentlessly since the first (and second, and third) time(s) we watched it.

We all need a Junior Bevel in our lives reminding us to believe better about ourselves and then live up to it. So I put this favorite phrase on a mirror. Because what you see is important.

{Fun-fact: the white words glow in the dark.}

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