Oil Reviews

Like a Pro (Monthly Oil Review)


This month’s oil (blend) is Young Living’s Progessence Plus.

I may have mentioned before that three pregnancies and two babies really did a number on my hormonal state. Which did (does) a number on my anxiety. I’ve been working toward finding as many natural ways as possible to help even things out, and oils have been high on that list (along with yoga, meditation, caffeine and sugar moderation, and enough sleep).

Many plants (and the essential oils derived from them) are historically reputed to be helpful for getting (and keeping) hormone levels balanced. Young Living took some of the heavy hitters from that list (Bergamot, Peppermint, and Cedarwood, along with a few others) and mixed them with USP grade progesterone (from wild yam extract) to create a soothing, encouraging smelling mix that helps keep you at a more even keel.

I had my doubts healthy skepticism about how effective this blend would be in my overall quest for balance and health. I do believe that oils have made and continue to make a difference in my every day life, but I don’t automatically assume that each new bottle is going to be 5-15 ml of miracle. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much this blend was helping me until I laid off of it for awhile. It wasn’t intentional, I just moved it to a different spot in the bathroom and thereby derailed my previous daily ritual with it.

January turned out to be a very difficult time for me, anxiety wise. I think less sunshine (and nothing like Christmas preparations to balance that out) had a lot to do with that, along with the 3 year anniversary of discovering and losing my 3rd pregnancy. I did all the things I’ve come to recognize as my necessary self care and was still struggling a bit. Then I remembered this little gem. I figured, as I was trying everything else already, it wouldn’t hurt to add this into the mix. I decided to start applying it on my neck once a day and see what happened. There wasn’t an instantaneous magical turnaround, but gradually I did find that I was leveling back out. A few weeks later, it’s still part of my daily routine and things are continuing to approach back to “normal” and evening out. I can’t say this is the only thing I’m doing to take care of my hormones right now, but it’s one of the major players.

Have you used Pro-Plus? How do you take care of your hormonal health?



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