December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: I Don’t Understand the “or” Part

{December Daily Blog Challenge #22: Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?}

As a kid I believed I did not like egg nog. The tradition in our house was to drink it warm (I still find this a little repulsive, to be honest) and it wasn’t until my parents offered me some cold that I realized it was the delivery and not the taste I disliked. However, as my focus has shifted to living in the most healthy and mindful way I can, reading the ingredients in store bought egg nog (and most other store bought prepared foods) is enough to make consuming it unappealing. Like with most things, I will probably end up finding a homemade recipe for egg nog that I can tweak to my preferences.

I’ve already done this with hot cocoa (maybe I’ll share the recipe sometime!), so I guess for the purposes of this post as this moment in my life I have to say hot chocolate gets my vote between the two beverages because anything I can consume as a treat and still feel like I’ve made a good choice of what to put in my body is always a winner in my book.

What about you? What’s your preferred holiday season beverage?


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