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Pop-Up Post: Eat Up

{December Daily Blog Challenge #20: Favorite Christmas Meal}

Many  Most of our holiday traditions revolve around food. We’re an eating people, as it were.

(I don’t know if that’s we as Americans, we as human beings, we as my family, or the empirical we of just myself.)

Our family has a special meal (pork and seeds with cheese and crackers) when we decorate the tree, a special breakfast (biscuits and gravy) Christmas morning, and a special meal tradition (we like to try a new ethnic food) on Christmas Day.

And somewhere in there we have a ham dinner (so we can have grilled ham/cheese/onion sandwiches Christmas night and the leftover ham in black eyed peas for New Year’s Day).

One of our most memorable “try something new” Christmas dinners was the year we did Pho. I don’t know if that makes it my favorite, but it was delicious and fun.

This year we’re making a Portuguese Christmas dish, carne de vinha d’alhos, to honor our roots on my mother’s side. (As a side note, did you know the Indian dish Vindaloo has its origins in Portugal?)  Who knows? Next year that may be my answer to this question.

Of course, there’s also cookies. So.

What’s your favorite Christmas meal?


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