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Pop-Up Post: Stock it to me

{December Daily Blog Challenge #19: Favorite Stocking Stuffer}

Currently, my favorite stocking stuffer to receive each year is the gift card that allows me to buy my Christmas book. (We’ve talked about this before, so I won’t beleaguer the point.)

I don’t remember exactly when the book-in-the-stocking tradition started, but I do remember several childhood Christmases that did not feature it. Back then we each got a handful of York peppermint patties, a few oranges and apples, and it.


Fruit. Stripe. Gum.

The super cool mascot on the outside of the multi-color striped package sells Five Juicy Flavors with dubiously fruit-based names like “Wet ‘N Wild Melon” and “Peach Smash” and TATTOOS ON THE WRAPPERS. Even as a kid I recognized the incredibly short amount of time the gum actually tasted like anything (approximately 5 fewer seconds than it took to open the packet and unwrap the stick in the first place). But the company sure does (yeah, it’s still around) know how to sell an experience in such a way as to make you forget questioning how much you actually enjoy it.

I looked forward to it every December, in such a way that I neither wanted nor consumed Fruit Stripe Gum any of the other 11 months of the year (again, this company really knows how to sell you on the experience of their otherwise quite underwhelming product).

What’s your favorite stocking stuffer?



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