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Pop-Up Post: Rules and Regs

{December Daily Blog Challenge #18: When Do You Open Gifts?}

As a kid our household observed a strict “no opening gifts til Christmas morning” rule. This wasn’t any kind of major hurdle for my childhood self to overcome (I actually don’t remember having any friends who opened presents before then), but of course I just couldn’t wait.  If I’m being real (and I have no reason to start standing on politeness and hiding my weirdness now), I still can’t wait. But I also really enjoy the feeling of looking forward to the surprise.

Then I had children of my own and my parents got all nice (or maybe we just didn’t hear of the tradition of Christmas Eve pj opening til then, but all those of you with kids know what I’m talking about; grandparents are different than parents and that’s a fact). So now we have fun Christmas jammies for the girls to open the night before Christmas and the rest wait til the veritable crack of dawn (when my mother rustles us all out of bed) the next morning.

At this point in my life I think that I really enjoy all the other traditions and ceremonies surrounding Christmas just as much if not more than the exchange of gifts. I love celebrating friends and family and snow and lights and caroling and movies you only watch once a year (openly).

But the gifts are fun.

When do you open gifts?


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