December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: A Bit Awkward

{December Daily Blog Challenge #17: Post a Picture of an Old Christmas Card}


Something I may or may not have mentioned (meaning pretty sure I did but I don’t want to comb through all my posts to find a passing comment from one in order to link it) in previous posts is that I don’t like to have stuff just to have. Because of this, I often don’t, which few exceptions, keep things for purely sentimental reasons. This is partly because I’ve moved around a dozen times in the last couple decades and there’s nothing like packing and hauling and (mostly) unpacking boxes to turn you into a minimalist. It is also partly because I used to be a packrat, which taught me that keeping everything limits your access to your stuff so much that you might as well have kept nothing.

All of that to say, I don’t have an old Christmas Card to take and share a picture of. (The old packrat me would have used this opportunity to say, “see, this is why you keep things on hand. In case you ever need to use them again.”)

What kinds of things do you hang on to?


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