December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: Issues

{December Daily Blog Challenge #16: Hardest Person to Buy For}

In an earlier post, I declared that my dad is the hardest person to buy for, because he doesn’t really want anything.

Christmas shopping this year, I changed my mind. Making my 6th loop around Wal-Mart last weekend, I realized I had no idea what to get my youngest daughter. She likes to do and make things, but doesn’t have the patience to sit and figure multiple or detailed instructions out. She loves stuffed animals, but we are drowning in them and I can’t bring myself to add one more to the horde. I began to have daymares about endlessly shuffling through aisles, picking up and putting down toy options like some kind of mommy-zombie.

I eventually happened upon a more-than-doable option, but I also realized that this is not the first year (or gift giving holiday) where I’ve had such a dilemma with her. It seems to be the way in which she is gifted with difficulty.

I’ve never stopped to consider whether I present others with the same difficulty. I like to think I’m a relatively easy person to buy for, but I really don’t know. #toconsider

Do you have a hard person to buy for? Are you a hard person to buy for?


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