December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: In Defense of Authenticity

{December Daily Blog Challenge #14: Real or Artificial Tree?}

I understand all the conveniences of having a fake tree:

  • Getting to set it up whenever you like (without having to spend the time to go buy or cut down a new one)
  • Only spending the money once
  • Not cleaning up needles for daaaays
  • A more comfortable winter experience for the allergy-inclined
  • Lower risk of bringing home an uninvited animal guest (human guests are a different story)
  • Being able to shape it however you like to fit the space, your ornaments, and your mood for that year

But I just can’t get past having a real, outdoor-smelling, needle dropping, oxygen producing, life affirming, uniquely shaped tree for Christmas each year.

How about you? Real or fake?


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