December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: Give it up

{December Daily Blog Challenge #15: The Best Gift You’ve Given}

So many things get better after you have kids. Maybe this is because sleep deprivation keeps you constantly on the verge of drunken stupor, which gives you a pretty low bar for excitement. Maybe it’s because you finally get to spend all your time around people who don’t care how long you’ve been wearing that tshirt or that you’ve actually forgotten the smell of your shampoo (or of anything besides baby puke and Dreft).

More romantically, it’s because you get to see things from the magical perspective of a child in a way you couldn’t fully appreciate when you were one.

Christmas is maybe the best example of this. You think getting gifts as a kid was exciting?

Nothing compared with planning what to get for your kids and getting to vicariously relive all the excitement and wonder through new eyes. It makes all the time and energy you spend finding just the right gift more than worth it and each just right gift the best one ever.

The. Literal. Best.



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