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Pop-Up Post: Reading Material

{December Daily Blog Challenge #13: Favorite Christmas Book}

Those who know me know that I’m still not old enough to watch a live people version of Christmas Carol (I had a bad experience. Every year of my childhood).

But books are a different thing, and when discussing my favorite Christmas book I would be remiss not to give Dickens’ Christmas Carol a high-honorable mention. Also to be mentioned is The Bible, which is arguably all about Christmas.

It might be sacrilegious to mention the Bible and not claim it as my favorite Christmas book.

Maybe this is the part where I tell you I don’t really have a favorite Christmas book.

One of our family’s long standing Christmas traditions is that each person gets a book Christmas morning. I can’t remember when this became a thing, because I can’t remember it not being a thing. For a few years, we each got a book by an author that we loved (now we each get a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble to pick our own Christmas books). Mine was always a Terry Pratchett. 2015 and 2016 took many beloved figures from us, and he was one of them. His trademark blend of satire and gut-checking sweet sincerity was magical and easily one of my favorite parts of Christmas was reading a new Discworld adventure.

As a passing point of interest, at least one of Sir Terry Pratchett’s novels was about Christmas. Sort of.





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