December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: Gifting

{December Daily Blog Challenge #9: Easiest Person to buy for?}

As I thought about today’s prompt, my oldest daughter came to mind. I realized that, most of the time on gift giving holidays (birthdays, Christmas, That Thing Only Costs a Dollar, Hey Look we Found a Cake, etc), I have a nearly immediate idea of what gifts to give her. And they’re generally spot on (both in intent and reception).

Which is weird, because she’s, like, the most indecisive person I know.

I guess the conclusion I’ve come to on this is that when she loves something (or someone), she does it passionately. That thing finds its way into every area of her life. She’s had a few steady interests (pink, fashion, bossing her sister around) that don’t seem to get displaced, but every so often a new one will emerge and take center stage for awhile. I guess that makes it easy to see something and immediately think of her. My youngest is not like this at present, either due to age or personality difference.

As a point of interest, the hardest person to buy for is my dad. He really only likes golfing and watching NCIS, and there’s only so many tee value packs you can buy (and he already has Netflix). And he has enough ties to shame…someone whose profession would include owning a lot of ties (I blanked on that one, sorry guys).

Do you have any especially difficult people to buy for on your list? Anyone who makes shopping easy?


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