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Pop-Up Post: Memories

{December Daily Blog Challenge, Day #7: Your Most Memorable Christmas}

I think this post is about to be a major disappointment, because I can’t really think of a most memorable Christmas.

I can, with absolute certainty, state that my least memorable Christmas was the one in 1984.

I was 6 months old. I probably chewed on some wrapping paper and I’m guessing at some point in the day someone else had to change my pants.

There are a handful of Christmases I do have specific memories from- the year I had Scarlet Fever (though I was so young that at this point my memories are mostly of the stories repeatedly told to me about that Christmas), getting my Cabbage Patch Preemie doll, my last Christmas in college, my first Christmas as a mother.

I think I have a tendency to hold Christmas in its own compartment of my memory, every year tossing in another handful of goodies to get shaken and tossed together with the rest so that it becomes a jumbled up whole of feelings and impressions and light rather than a series of easily defined and separated events.

What was your most memorable Christmas?


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