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Pop-Up Post: Tis Better to Receive

{December Daily Blog Challenge, Day #5: The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received}

Taking this prompt literally (in that it does not specify best Christmas gift received), I have to state for the record that my youngest daughter was born on my birthday.

Which means I got the double birthday presents of meeting my kid and not having to be pregnant anymore.

As far as best Christmas gift received, I can’t honestly recall. I remember being really excited about getting one of those pregnant dogs where you find out the number and gender of pups by opening her velcro stomach. And later (earlier? Timelines of my childhood are fuzzy to say the least) a doll whose gender and hair color you found out after taking off its stocking cap (these types of toys were very big for my generation; I’m not sure how to explain this other than the fact that it was somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s- I guess you could say we dug the element of surprise).

I remember one year I accidentally discovered (by reading a receipt left on the kitchen table) that my sister and I were each getting our very own boomboxes for Christmas (again, I remind you that this all took place in the 90s). That was pretty cool. At the same time I received a cassette tape (90s, people) of the soundtrack to Sister Act (90s). I played the crap out of that thing. To this day I can sing along with all the songs to that movie (not that….I still watch it…or anything).

What’s your favorite gift (Christmas or otherwise)?


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