December Daily Blog Challenge · Pop Up Posts

Pop-Up Post: 5 Things I Want for Christmas

{December Daily Blog Challenge, Day #2: Your Christmas List}

I don’t spend a lot of time wanting things. Not to say I’ve somehow transcended the usage or acquisition of material goods and now live on yoga and the energy of the universe. I just don’t like clutter, and I don’t like having things just to have.

That being said, my task today was to come up with a Christmas list and there are a few things I wouldn’t punch someone for giving me. Such as this lava bead diffuser ring. Or all the nerdy galaxy jewelry from the I Love Science store. THIS AMAZING THING I JUST DISCOVERED LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE (aka how 90% of all Christmas lists are created). A super fun space nerd calendar from ModCloth (and pretty much anything else on their site). Homesick Candles from every state I’ve lived in and a few I haven’t (they all sound so yummy!).

What’s on your list?



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