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Pop-Up Post: Real Men Cry

{December Daily Blog Challenge, Day #1: Your Favorite Christmas Movie}

What’s your favorite movie?

I actually kind of hate that question. Officially, my answer tends to be either Willy Wonka (my childhood sick movie, which I’ve watched literally (figuratively) countless times) or Princess Bride, which I can literally (meant it that time) quote beginning to end. But those are really just convenience answers. It’s too hard of a choice based on too many factors for me to seriously make. Which makes this first day of the blogging challenge I’ve elected to do- What is your favorite Christmas movie?- a semi difficult one.

We, like most families I’m sure, have a double handful of movies we watch every single year. The Santa Clause. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Muppet Christmas Carol. (etc etc etc)

Any of them could be termed a favorite, for various reasons. But I think for the purpose of this particular post I’m going to have to go with the movie Prancer.

Sam Elliot as a single dad, struggling to raise his kids and a meager apple crop at the same time. Cloris Leachman as The Crazy Old Lady Who Yells At Kids For Being On Her Lawn. No other actors I’ve ever seen before or since (except maybe the girl from Jurassic Park? Maybe? As the best friend/part time antagonist). There are many things I love about this movie; its themes on belief and family and courage are worth revisiting often. But I think what makes it somewhat easy to call it my favorite is a little scene toward the end where Sam Elliot reads his on screen daughter a Christmas story about believing in Santa Claus as a metaphor for believing in the spirit of Christmas.

And he cries.

I’ve always really connected with that scene, because he’s a gruff tough character (and we’re used to seeing him as cowboys, who notoriously don’t cry). And because he’s always kind of reminded me of my dad in a way (probably the mustache), who is not what you’d call an “emotional” or “touchy feely” guy but who is occasionally, like any emotionally aware human being, choked up a bit.

A man’s man with a functioning heart. Always nice to see.

Runner up: (for the record) The Muppet Christmas Carol


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