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Pop-Up Post: Election Special

Well, the day many of us have dreaded has arrived.

Election Tuesday.

A date that will live in infamy, indeed.

When it comes to politics, there’s not much else to say that hasn’t already been repeated too often in the recent months. As they say, however, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. [I would take this a step further to say if you choose not to vote outside the two party system (while recognizing there are valid reasons for not doing so), you can’t really complain about its perpetuation either. But again, there is enough inflammatory content on the internet regarding today’s polls as it is and I have no intention or desire to add to it].

That being said, every citizen of a purported democratic republic has the near sacred right and obligation to use their voice in what they deem to be the most responsible and integrious (it’s legit; look it up) manner. For some, that is to treat the election like a lottery in which their primary responsibility is to pick the winner and, in some way, control the next 4 years of our nation’s history. For others, it is to see the election as a casting of opinion, in which their job is to state their truthful and honest opinion in the hopes that it will have long term impact on the state of our nation and her politics.

We’re all arm chair politicians, constantly spouting “expert” opinions on what needs to change for this country to be successful.

Today is the day our opinions might actually matter.

Let’s get out there and vote, people. It’s important.

Our children are watching and they inherit whatever we leave behind. Let’s leave the booths today knowing that we really did the best we could.


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