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Monthly EO Review- Vetiver

Essential oils.

One of a handful of things that, when mentioned in casual conversation (I’m not sure about formal conversation; I don’t have many of those), will pretty much provoke one of two polar opposite reactions:

“Oh, we’re very into oils in our house. Thieves on the feet every day this time of year. And lavender at bedtime.”


“Oh. I don’t believe in all that hippie nonsense. I like actual doctors and actual medicine.”

If you know me, you know that I fall into the former category (if you don’t know me, that fact is a real window into my make up as a person). The thing is, I realize there is actually a third group of people in the above fictional conversation: those who hear the phrase “essential oils” and think, “oh, I’m kind of interested in those but I don’t know enough about them to contribute to the dialogue right now” and don’t say anything.

These posts are for you. They are also for those of the “real medicine” camp, in case they want information on something they’ve previously categorically disavowed (which I’m not accusing them of doing without said information, but just in case). And for those who use oils on a daily basis, because I’m interested in input, advice, and opinions from other users.

Today’s review is on an oil that is new to me, but which I’ve heard highly touted by several of my oily friends: Vetiver.

As you may or may not know, essential oils are derived from plants. Vetiver is a type of grass native to India. It has been used for centuries to make soap, perfume, and essential oils. The dried grass is good for mats, hats, roofs (really wish I could have found a rhyming word for that last one), and other such items. The plant’s roots are deep and strong, and it is used to prevent erosion in the tropical areas where it naturally grows. Its scent has been compared to sandalwood. It has historically been reputed to have a calming, grounding, and soothing effect.

Review:  I get where the sandalwood comparison comes from, but I also really picked up on the green, woodsy smell you’d expect from a grass-derived oil. I have only diffused it a couple of times, and my favorite partner for it so far is lavender. My favorite use for it was at bedtime, but diffusing it in my office definitely gave me an “I can take on this day and be calm while doing it” vibe. It’s really thick, which makes it a bit harder to get out of the bottle than some other oils (but the smell and aftermath is worth it).

Honestly, it may be one of my new favorites.

What’s your favorite oil? Are there any you’d like to see reviewed? What information in a review would help you in your oily pursuits?


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